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The Real Race (2016)

Welcome to Hundred Percent Cotton, my friend.

Here is where I hope to share some thoughts and ideas with friends, information about current and upcoming books, and also keep folks updated on book signing events.

So, please feel free to share and comment. The content here may just find its way into a future book.

Thank you again to all of those people that have continually showed support and enthusiasm for this project!

“May the Lord grant you one more race against the sunset in order to pursue your rendezvous with destiny.”

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Book Reviews and Comments

Amazon Customer Eddie reviewed The Real Race

5⍟ March 24, 2017

On first read, I have to say I felt a little letdown in the overall Christian content in this Christian fiction novel. However, weeks later I would find myself thinking about some of the human interactions that Cotton Steel embeds within the story and I came to realize that this book contains great lessons in how we can best fellowship with those around us. And I guess that was the author’s intent. He does not give you a sermon. He gives you a story. In a very subtle way, The Real Race teaches invaluable lessons in leadership and fellowship. I am definitely invested in reading his next installment…can’t wait.

Todd S. reviewed The Real Race

5⍟ March 15, 2017

…I got my book and read it in one night LOL! I really enjoyed it…, GREAT JOB!!!?!…You are more than welcome to post my comment!!!

Wendy C. reviewed The Real Race

5⍟ March 10, 2017

…I gave my dad your book. He said it was one of the best written books he has read in a long time. He stayed up way later than usual reading and had to finish it the next day. I’m so gladiator decided to buy it, he is anxiously waiting and hoping for another book!


Please let your dad know that the next book will be available this Fall. The subject matter will not be racing this time, but I have gotten requests to continue the story of Hermie Cruden. We may find a story about his experience in the Premiere series of racing one day.

Again, thank you so very much. I would like to keep your email address so that I can inform you of the release date of the next book.


He will be thrilled to know another book is coming on the fall. Yes, please save my email so you can send me an Update!

Diane G reviewed The Real Race

5⍟ Great read February 12, 2017

I enjoyed the book from cover to cover. Very well done and looking forward to Cotton Steel’s next book! Very good read!!!

Amazon Customer Larry Mack reviewed The Real Race

5⍟ Cotton has it going on. January 16, 2017

Cotton has it going on. This book is a really great read. If you’re looking for a book that doesn’t bog you down with a heavy storyline, this book is for you. The characters are down to earth, and that makes for a great, easy read. Hermie won the real race with Jesus. The ending didn’t leave me hanging.