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Hermie Cruden is a programmer of virtual reality software in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. Similar to the way in which the city’s industry has been swallowed up in a technological boom, Hermie comes to realize that his professional life has consumed his personal life in a way that has left him void of nearly all social interaction.

The city has an old school industry–stock car racing–that helps engage the people with a proud history. From this unlikely source, Hermie is presented with opportunities that may deliver him from his life of seclusion. The question will be whether Hermie will be able to recognize those opportunities. Will he choose to remain in his secure life of solitude, or will he decide to pursue a greater destiny?

Can a sport that looks so fondly at its history help a modern day young man with his questionable future? Will Hermie once again find a way to have fellowship with family, friends, love, and faith?

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