The Waterfall

The Waterfall

The Waterfall

I stand looking at a waterfall.
It is not exceptionally high,
or loud, or pretty,
and is not known by any name.
It is certainly not Niagara Falls,
but I stand here just the same.

From the base of the waterfall I stare,
chilled by the water’s spray.
I try to watch a single drop as it falls,
and before it floats away.
If I could follow just one drop from beginning to end,
then maybe my being here would prove time well spent.

I begin to float to the top of the ledge,
and feel myself shrinking in size.
I understand why I am doing this,
and am not taken by surprise.
I fly to the source of the falls,
and dive in head first with a cry.

I grab onto a single drop of water,
and begin to enjoy the ride.
I know the fall approaches as my heart beats louder,
and my smile grows wide.
This time, this one time, I will follow from beginning to end,
and I will consider this waterfall worth something quite special then.

The fall draws nearer,
my heart beats faster,
my smile grows wider.
Nearer, faster, wider more.

I am standing at the base again,
and the ride is over and done.
I did not follow that drop,
and the drop is already gone.

On the far bank is a baby girl
in her mother’s embrace.
She lets go with an excited giggle
as the mist kisses her face.
Together they watch a leaf helicopter
downwards towards the water.
The leaf lands in the stream and sails off
as the tiny girl hugs her mother.

The time here proved to be special
on this ordinary day.
I truly enjoyed this waterfall,
so now I can walk away.

~ Cotton Steel